Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New kitchen luxuries make entertaining easy

(ARA) - Entertaining at home is the perfect way to spend time with your family and friends, as nothing beats relaxing and enjoying the beautiful summer weather with your guests. Unfortunately, hosting the party has always had one down side -- being stuck in the kitchen cleaning and cooking while others enjoy the festivities.

Now, there is hope for home entertainers. New kitchen innovations provide an easy way to entertain, while adding a gourmet touch to your decor. Spend the evening socializing instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

Luxury meets technology

Every homeowner wants (and deserves) a little luxury in their home, but especially in their kitchen. Appliances are beginning to look and act more luxurious by increasing their functionality through another popular home trend -- technology. Many appliances merge lavish looks with innovation to create the perfect addition for any kitchen. These new smart appliances go beyond their traditional functions, like heating food or keeping it cold. Instead, they perform greater tasks such as collecting recipes, quickly preparing meals and keeping the pantry stocked with automated, electronic lists.

The 36-inch induction hybrid cooktop from Electrolux can really speed up your cooking, which is great for parties, keeping you out of the kitchen and engaged with your guests. You can boil water in just 90 seconds, and its Perfect Set Controls allow you to store up to 25 programmed settings to immediately raise or lower temperatures so cooking can begin at any time -- without waiting or preheating. Just input the specific settings in advance for the dishes you’ll be cooking at your next bash, and you’ll be able to get your last minute prep finished while welcoming your guests.

Appliances once only found in restaurants are now making their way into home kitchens. Ovens and microwaves aren’t the only kitchen appliances that can keep food warm; warming drawers are the newest product to be included in today’s kitchens. Dacor’s Warming Drawers feature an electric touch pad with four different settings and temperatures. This way, you’ll be able to keep all of the dishes you made in advance warm and ready to serve throughout the duration of your soiree. And best of all, the drawers can be custom made to match the rest of the cabinets in your kitchen to ensure a consistent look throughout.

Functional faucets

Kitchens can look and feel sophisticated by making a few simple changes that will easily take the look of your kitchen from average to elegant.

Increase the sophistication of your kitchen by installing a faucet with a design that brings beauty into the small space of the sink. The new Woodmere pulldown faucet from ShowHouse by Moen features a traditional sleek design, making it a great focal point at the sink. As the first traditional pulldown faucet in the ShowHouse portfolio, its high-arc spout and S-shaped handle allow Woodmere to make a bold statement and impress your guests by adding an extra element of elegance to the kitchen. The single-mount design creates less clutter, making it an ideal choice for deluxe countertops, such as granite. Clean-up in and around the sink is also a snap when you’re getting ready for your partygoers to arrive.

Woodmere offers much more than style; it also offers increased functionality that’s ideal for completing any kitchen task. The pulldown wand features three functions: pause, spray and stream. The last thing you want when company arrives is a pile of dirty dishes in your sink from all of your party prep. But the combination of Woodmere’s features and unique, patented pause button makes washing dishes quick and easy so you can avoid the clutter altogether. The faucet is available in three different finishes -- Chrome, LifeShine Classic Stainless and Oil Rubbed Bronze, to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen.

No host or hostess should miss an entertaining event by being trapped in the kitchen to babysit the stovetop or deal with the clean-up that comes with having a party. Instead, by installing luxurious and technologically savvy products, you’ll be sure to have a summer full of easy, elegant entertaining. Who says you can’t have it all?

For more information on the Woodmere pullout kitchen faucet from ShowHouse, visit or call (800) BUY-MOEN (800) 289-6636.

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