Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Zip Code

NEW ZIP CODE, 75033, ANNOUNCED FOR PART OF FRISCO (May 17, 2011) Effective July 1, 2011, more than 10,000 Frisco households and 400 businesses will use a new, five-digit ZIP Code, 75033.

The area impacted is bordered by Main Street, State Highway 289 (Preston Road), F.M. 423 andU.S. Highway 380. Businesses and customers living on the north side of Main Street (even numbered addresses) will use the new ZIP Code, 75033. Those on the south side of Main Street (odd numbered addresses) will continue to use 75034. Businesses and customers on F.M. 423 -- between Main Street and Eldorado Parkway -- will also use ZIP Code 75033. No changes are being made to the 75035 ZIP Code at this time.

Customers within the boundaries should notify any mailers or correspondents of their new five-digit ZIP Code. The Post Office can provide a postcard for you to use to notify your magazine and newspaper suppliers.

Do NOT submit a ‘Change of Address Request’ to the Postal Service. Impacted postal customers may still use all of their existing stationery and mailing supplies; however, when reordering those materials, customers should use the new ZIP code, 75033. The United States Postal Service will ensure delivery of mail with the ‘old’ ZIP Code for a period of one year to allow customers to make the transition to the 75033 ZIP Code.

New ZIP Codes are assigned when present ZIP Codes are insufficient for existing mail volume or operational requirements. The U.S.P.O. reports when new ZIP Codes are accepted and used, it saves time and money which is passed on to customers.

Source: City of Frisco